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Wordpress plugin page: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-edge-animate-renderer-oam/

Allows and renders OAM (Adobe Edge Animate) files in your Wordpress posts.

How does it work?

  • Allows upload for OAM files in Wordpress
  • Unzips the my_file.oam in my_file/ folder at the same location
  • Provides automatic server-side iframe rendering for <a href="http://site.com/wp-content/upload/2013/03/my_file.oam"></a>
  • Provides [oam] shortcode for manuel embed
  • Deletes my_file/ folder when my_file.oam is deleted from the library


  • jQuery for automatic iframe rendering


  • Get the source from GIT or Wordpress SVN repository (soon).
  • Go to Admin > Plugins
  • Activate wp-oam-renderer

Plugin documentation

Automatic iframe rendering


Simply insert your oam in your content from the media library using the "ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS" name "Media File". It will generate a link to the OAM file, with will be rendered via jQuery as an iframe.

Known limitations

  • At this time, iframe dimension is not manageable.

[oam] shortcode


  • id (mandatory)
  • width (optional)
  • height (optional)


Getting size from animation:

[oam id="28"]

Providing width, height will be calculated proportionaly

[oam id="28" width="960"]

Providing both width and height

[oam id="28" width="960" heigh="540"]

Known limitations

  • Getting the media id is not really the best experience... but works!


  • Fork
  • Add value
  • Pull Request
  • Enjoy