ekino open source

This module is a bridge between Symfony2 and Drupal.

The module must be used with a Symfony2 project including the EkinoDrupalBundle and the FOSUserBundle.

See https://github.com/ekino/EkinoDrupalBundle for more information


Edit the settings.php file and the following lines :

    $conf['symfony2'] = array(
        'root'  => __DIR__.'/../..', // the project root path
        'drush' => array(
            'env' => 'app',
            'debug' => true

In the case you have a customized Symfony structure, you can add a kernel_factory array key and create a custom closure that will return the kernel class name:

$conf['symfony2']['kernel_factory'] = function (array $conf) {
    $kernelName = 'PortalKernel';

    require_once sprintf('%s/apps/bootstrap.php.cache', $conf['symfony2']['root']);
    require_once sprintf('%s/apps/BaseKernel.php', $conf['symfony2']['root']);
    require_once sprintf('%s/apps/portal/%s.php', $conf['symfony2']['root'], $kernelName);

    return $kernelName;


Some drupal hooks are sent to the Symfony Event Dispatcher.

Registration :

  • drupal.user_login
  • drupal.user_logout

User Entity event :

  • drupal.user_load
  • drupal.user_insert
  • drupal.user_update
  • drupal.user_presave