ekino open source


The repository provides a complete set of build tools for web developers. These images MUST NOT be used in production. The targeted usage of those images is GitlabCI.

Available images


Contains Ansible, CI Helper and Python 2.7


Contains Arachni + CI Helper

To run the web UI:

docker run -d -p 9292:9292 ekino/docker-buildbox:latest-arachni1.5 arachni_web -o

Then go to http://localhost:9292


Contains AWS Cli + AWS EB Cli + CI Helper


Adds AWS Cli & CI Helper to GitLab's dind image (to run docker in a GitLab runner).

Use case:

# .gitlab-ci.yml
  image: ekino/docker-buildbox:latest-dind-aws
    - ekino/docker-buildbox:latest-dind-aws
    DOCKER_DRIVER: overlay2
    DOCKER_HOST:   "tcp://ekino__docker-buildbox:2375"
    - docker ...


Based upon official Golang image, contains glide, gin, AWS Cli and CI Helper.


Contains AWS Cli, CI Helper, and Java. Please note that for Java 6, the image doesn't contain CI Helper, Modd and AWS Cli.


Contains node (installed in the NODE_VERSION env var value), CI Helper and AWS Cli.


Contains PHP (installed from official alpine in the PHP_VERSION env var value) within Blackfire, Composer, PHP CS Fixer, Security Checker, AWS Cli and CI Helper.

About Blackfire, please read the official documentation to install the agent https://blackfire.io/docs/integrations/docker, then you should be able to profile a PHP script like this:

docker exec -it -e BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_ID -e BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_TOKEN my-php-container blackfire run bin/console app:foo:bar


Contains Ruby (installed from official alpine) and CI Helper.

SonarQube Scanner

Contains SonarQube Scanner and CI Helper

React Native Android

Contains Java 8, Gradle, Android SDK, Node 7.10 and React Native Cli


Please review the CHANGELOG.md file for versions per tag.


Each box is tested and built using TravisCI.

The travis.py script try to be clever:

  • PR: only images with modified files are built.
  • Merge to master: only images with modified files are built and pushed to the docker registry with the tag latest-IMAGE
  • TAG: all images are built and pushed to the docker registry
  • Nightly: all images are built and pushed to the docker registry with the tag nightly-IMAGE

Build Status

It is possible to build local image for testing with the following command:

CI_HELPER_VERSION=0.0.5 MODD_VERSION=0.5 JAVA_VERSION=10.0.1-jdk-slim VERSION=10 python travis.py --language java --pull-request=true
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